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Frontline workers to be recognised in Queen's birthday honours

Recipients’ ‘dedication and compassion’ amid pandemic praised by PM

Hundreds of frontline and community heroes who played a key role in the coronavirus pandemic response will be recognised in the Queen’s birthday honours next month, Boris Johnson has said.

Related: UK to become WHO's largest state donor with 30% funding increase

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Trump: Barrett 'a woman of unparalleled achievement'

US President Donald Trump nominates Amy Coney Barrett to be the new Supreme Court justice.

Amy Coney Barrett: Trump nominates conservative favourite for Supreme Court

The 48-year-old judge and former law professor from Indiana is a favourite of social conservatives.

At least 11 people killed in attack on convoy in Nigeria

President urges greater checks for sabotage before displaced people are returned

Suspected Islamist militants have killed at least 11 people in northeastern Nigeria in an attack on a security convoy that was taking people displaced by an insurgency back to their homes, police and security sources said on Saturday.

Islamic State, to whom a breakaway faction of Nigerian militant group Boko Haram pledged allegiance in 2016, said on its Amaq news agency that 30 police officers and soldiers were killed in the attack on Friday on a road leading to the strategic fishing town of Baga in Borno state.

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Canadian Police Charge Man With Faking Terrorist Activity

The man, Shehroze Chaudhry, created a political storm in Canada with his assertions that he participated in atrocities by ISIS in Syria.

The music of the virus: sadness, relief and communal consolation

We have a sense of what it means to live in disturbing times, to live under threat. We should not forget the many people who have known this all their lives

  • This is part of a series of essays by Australian writers responding to the challenges of 2020

One fine untroubled morning in 2019 I was out walking in Potts Point, on my way to see my eldest brother. He lived in a room here when I was 21 and he was 26. In those days, Potts Point was unconventional and impoverished, home to people who minded their own business, which was largely conducted at night.

His room was narrow, with a bed and a wardrobe housing a few shirts on wire hangers. A window opened on to a wall. There was a bathroom on the same floor. I could stay there when he was away; I could borrow a shirt. When he wasn’t away I stayed in a friend’s apartment on New South Head Road and walked to Potts Point to visit him. At the time, I was writing a thesis on the fiction of Samuel Beckett. As I wrote I grew more and more uneasy about the loss of this thesis, and I began to carry my work with me in a small suitcase for safekeeping. With my suitcase and my plain man’s shirt I wasn’t of much interest to the people on the street. I kept writing. The suitcase became heavier and heavier, for it now contained books and all my drafts. I carried it to my brother’s concerts. We began to share this burden, as we walked about the city. Once he stopped and put it down, flexing his fingers. “You do realise I make my living with my hands,” he said, before he picked it up again.

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Fewer than 10% of Americans show signs of past coronavirus infection, study finds

"You cannot assume that we are even anywhere near herd immunity right now in the United States," Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Keith Hufnagel, Pro Skateboarder and Entrepreneur, Dies at 46

He soared over treacherous streets on his board before opening a streetwear store that grew into the popular brand Huf.

Tory split on coronavirus has seen off any joined-up strategy

The battle between Treasury and health department has doomed us to a succession of contradictory gambits - and a long, hard winter

It would help if the cabinet could agree. Yet for the past seven months it has remained deeply divided, squabbling over the scientific advice and what Covid-19 might mean for the nation’s health and jobs.

Britons have become familiar with a bewildering, almost weekly stream of tactical policies, twisting this way and that, many of them in direct opposition to each other.

It is not hard to see that without financial protection in place for those affected, the virus will continue to spread

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Fears for jobs grow as employers count cost of Sunak’s winter plan

The new measures for workers on the furlough scheme are not generous enough to prevent a damaging rise in unemployment

There are several moving parts in the engine designed by Rishi Sunak to keep the British economy motoring into next year. The most important is the replacement for the furlough scheme that has kept about 9 million workers in employment at some point in the last six months.

Only days before the chancellor stood up to deliver his “winter economy plan” on Thursday, Boris Johnson announced a six-month extension to restrictions on sporting and cultural events and a new “rule of six”, restricting the number of people who could gather at any one time.

We expect the unemployment rate to rise further, to at least 7% by the middle of next year

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High-paying freelance jobs where you can earn $80,000 or more during the pandemic

There are many freelance jobs in America that let you earn $80,000 in annual income or more during the current Covid-19 pandemic.


Stocks making the biggest moves in the premarket: Costco, AstraZeneca, Novavax, Harley & more

The stocks making the biggest moves in premarket trading include Costco, AstraZeneca, Novavax, Harley-Davidson & more.

France: Covid cases hit record high as anger grows over restrictions

16,096 infections recorded in one day and numbers needing hospital treatment rising

The number of new Covid-19 cases in France has jumped to a record high as the government faces an ongoing backlash against strict measures to halt the spread of the virus.

Santé Publique France, the French public health authority, recorded 16,096 new infections in the previous 24 hours on Thursday evening.

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What lessons can Europe learn from Sweden's Covid-19 experience?

Experts say that while contested ‘light touch’ response warrants study each country must find right approach for them

EU governments that locked down are increasingly emulating the one that did not, but experts warn that Sweden’s Covid approach, relying more on voluntary compliance than coercion, will not suit all – and big questions remain over whether it has worked for Sweden.

As infections surge in several European countries, France, which is currently averaging nearly 12,000 cases a day, has ruled out another national lockdown, instead pursuing a strategy the prime minister, Jean Castex, calls “living with the virus” and imposing local measures.

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Market's wild swings should fade because true fear is absent, Allianz Global's Mona Mahajan predicts

Investors should get a break from volatility until around Election Day, according to Allianz Global Investors’ Mona Mahajan.

French police investigate attack on woman, 22, for wearing skirt

Student tells radio station she was punched in face in Strasbourg by three men

French police have opened an investigation after a young woman said she was attacked by three men and beaten in public for wearing a skirt.

The government denounced the “very serious” incident as unacceptable.

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Covid-19: Swansea soprano stars in drive-in London opera

You might have heard of drive-in cinemas, but how about watching opera from your car?

Dennis Skinner: Song about ex-MP tops Amazon download charts

A song about the ex-MP has topped the best-seller charts ahead of Kylie Minogue and Bruce Springsteen.

The Doobie Brothers aren't happy that Bill Murray is using their song to sell 'ugly' golf shirts

The Doobie Brothers claim actor Bill Murray has been using one of their songs without permission to sell "ugly" golf shirts and they want the actor to pay up.

Dax Shepard reveals he relapsed after 16 years of sobriety

After 16 years of being sober, actor and comedian Dax Shepard revealed he has been battling an opioid addiction.

Andrew Neil to leave the BBC 'with heavy heart'

The broadcaster is to join rival GB News after 25 years at the heart of the BBC's political coverage.

'Family Guy' finds a new voice for Cleveland Brown in YouTuber Arif Zahir, known for his voice...

Arif Zahir, known for his impressions of Cleveland Brown from "Family Guy," has gone from mimicking the character to actually playing him.

Stacey Abrams to guest star in 'black-ish' animated episode

Stacey Abrams, the former Minority Leader of the Georgia House of Representatives, is about to enter the animated world of the Johnson family.

Pop Smoke lands posthumous number one album

The US rapper, who was shot and killed in February, becomes the first solo artist to achieve feat.


Strangers' Things

Earning money online by selling intimate objects that aren’t obviously sexual (and that includes emotions).

Michael Lonsdale, a Bond Villain and Much More, Dies at 89

He was best known to many as Hugo Drax in “Moonraker.” But he also worked with a Who’s Who of directors including Truffaut, Spielberg and Marguerite Duras.

Fake Guns, Fictional Battles, Real Uniforms: Inside the Immersive World of MilSim

Veterans, gamers, history buffs and gun enthusiasts are shelling out to take part in military simulations.

This Basketball-Loving Poet Resists Categorization

Fresh off the success of his play “Barber Shop Chronicles,” Inua Ellams has a new book out, “The Half God of Rainfall,” about a son of Zeus who dominates on the courts.

The New Unsexy Sexy Marketplace

Earning money online by selling intimate objects that aren’t obviously sexual (and that includes emotions).

Colleges Are Hiring Their Own Students as Covid-19 Safety Influencers

Like, subscribe, and wear a mask.

Delay of Philip Guston Retrospective Divides the Art World

“Philip Guston Now” has become Philip Guston in 2024, after four museums postponed an artist’s show that includes Klan imagery.


Manchester United scores 100th-minute penalty to secure dramatic win over Brighton

Manchester United got its first Premier League points of the season thanks to a 100th-minute penalty from Bruno Fernandes to finally win 3-2 in an enthralling game against Brighton and Hove Albion.

As the French Open Begins, Confusion and Fears About Coronavirus Dominate

This tournament was supposed to represent the next stage for the comeback of tennis, with fans in the stands and more freedom for the players. It is not turning out that way.

The inside story of the Ryder Cup's postponement

September's final weekend in 2020 had been locked in sports fans' diaries ever since the final putt at Le Golf National in France in 2018: the return of golf's greatest spectacle.

'When Lewis is gone, who have you got to look up to?' asks Hamilton's half-brother

This season, Lewis Hamilton's fight has been as much off the track as on it.

What a Sold-Out N.F.L. Game Is Like in 2020

The Jaguars drew a socially distanced capacity crowd for Thursday night’s game against the Dolphins, as football fans sought a bit of normalcy.


A Man Died After Eating a Bag of Black Licorice Every Day

Doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital said the unusual case highlighted the risk of consuming too much glycyrrhizic acid, which is found in black licorice.

Covid-19 Live Updates: Latest News and Analysis

The pandemic has been a significant, and tough, setback for working women. The governor of Bali, who reopened the Indonesian island to domestic tourism, has tested positive for the virus.

Coronavirus Survey Halted After Workers Faced Racial Slurs, Officials Say

Workers were followed, videotaped and threatened in confrontations across Minnesota, the state Department of Health said.

Covid-19: What do scientists think of the PM's plan?

The new coronavirus restrictions have been met with mixed reviews.

What's in Boris Johnson's climate in tray?

The PM promises he won't be caught "lagging" on green polices.


How FTC Commissioner Slaughter wants to make antitrust enforcement antiracist

Rebecca Kelly Slaughter, a Democrat, said enforcement can't be "value-neutral" because even a lack of enforcement has consequences.

How Tesla, GM and others aim to fix electric vehicle range anxiety

CNBC explores the current state of electric charging and how automakers like Tesla and companies like ChargePoint are working to increase electric vehicle adoption.

Molly Russell social media material 'too difficult to look at'

The 14-year-old killed herself in 2017 after viewing graphic images on social media.

NHS Covid-19: App users unable to input negative tests

Users in England and Wales who booked a test outside of the app can only register a positive result.

California County Enlists Social Media to Thwart a Misleading Election Photo

Officials moved swiftly when old images of discarded mail-in ballots were circulated and portrayed as new pictures.