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Iran awards scientific prize to 2 US-based physicists

Iran has awarded a prestigious prize in the study of science and technology to two physicists based in the United States

South Korea Tests Its First Domestically Produced Rocket

South Korea’s Aerospace Research Institute launched its first homemade rocket on Thursday. The mission was only partly successful, but officials called it an important step toward ​placing domestically made satellites in orbit.

Fed to ban policymakers from owning individual stocks, restrict trading following controversy

The Federal Reserve on Thursday announced a ban on officials owning individual stocks and limits on other activities as well.

Ivory poaching has led to evolution of tuskless elephants, study finds

Researchers say findings in Mozambique demonstrate impact of human interference in nature

Ivory poaching over decades has led to the evolution of tuskless elephants, researchers have found, proving that humans are “literally changing the anatomy” of wild animals.

A previously rare genetic mutation causing tusklessness has become very common in some groups of African elephants after a period in which many were killed for their tusks, according to a study published in the journal Science.

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Palestinian prisoner's health declines amid hunger strike

A prisoners group says a Palestinian held without charge by Israeli authorities is in “extremely dangerous” condition more than three months into hunger strike

‘Never sold a painting in his life – but died worth $100m’: the incredible story of Boris Lurie

The difficult, devastating work of the Holocaust survivor turned painter is being celebrated at a new exhibition at New York’s Museum of Jewish Heritage

“He never sold a painting in his life, lived in hovels, yet died worth about $100m,” says Anthony Williams, chairman of the Boris Lurie Art Foundation, at a press preview for Boris Lurie: Nothing to Do but Try. “He was,” he later says with a sigh, “a complicated man.”

The paradox of Boris Lurie’s living conditions is just one contour in the tragic and fascinating life of this painter, illustrator, sculptor, diarist, co-founder of the No!art movement, and concentration camp survivor, whose work is on display at the Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust in lower Manhattan.

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Federal Reserve Announces New Trading Restrictions on Central Bank Officials

The Federal Reserve has been under scrutiny since disclosures showed two regional bank presidents engaged in certain financial trades last year. Those officials have resigned.

The Guardian view on pro-market thinking: ministers want it to survive Covid | Editorial

Historian Adam Tooze explains why, despite the pandemic, voters are still being told there is no alternative

Will the market revolution – the predominant ideology of our time – survive the pandemic? Events this week suggest that the UK government certainly hopes so. Ministers’ statements suggest a desire to return to a mode of governance where choices about resource distribution and priorities are dodged by mechanisms that depoliticise decision-making. The messaging from Whitehall is that if the worst of Covid is over, then Britain should return to policies that have failed. Earlier this week, the prime minister extolled the virtues of free market capitalism to tackle the climate emergency; the chancellor wants a “competitive” tax cut for City financiers; the Bank of England signalled a premature interest hike. These are moves to convince voters that, post-pandemic, the state must forfeit economic power to the market. Such a retrograde shift must be resisted.

The historian Adam Tooze’s recent book Shutdown explains how difficult it will be to change the course of the river of history. Last year the pandemic revealed that states did have the tools they needed to exercise control over the economy. They could – and did – spend whatever it took to deal with Covid. The UK state forked out £370bn from February 2020 to July 2021. The sky has not fallen in. Prof Tooze writes that the government’s “economic logic confirmed the basic diagnosis of interventionist macroeconomics back to Keynes. They could not but appear as harbingers of a new regime beyond neoliberalism.”

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Alan Lapidus, Architect of Hotels and Casinos, Dies at 85

He followed in the footsteps of his architect father, Morris, with glitzy landmarks in Times Square, Las Vegas and Atlantic City, where Donald Trump was a client.

Op-Ed: Sen. Dick Durbin's message to the FDA: Vaping targets kids

The FDA's authorization Vuse's tobacco-flavored e-cigarettes raises alarms and may pave the way for approval of vaping devices from Juul and Puff Bar.

U.S. agrees to drop tariffs on countries that imposed digital services taxes as a global tax...

The agreement comes as more than 130 countries agreed this month to an overhaul of the international tax system that will see nations adopt a global minimum tax of 15 percent.


1 in 5 gig drivers got unemployment benefits at pandemic peak

About 19% of drivers for online ride-hailing and food-delivery platforms were collecting jobless aid in July 2020, more than other groups, according to a report.

Goldman Sachs wants to build an investor-friendly SPAC business following market bust

Nuclear measurement and analytics company Mirion Technologies started trading on New York Stock Exchange after merging with GS Acquisition Holdings Corp. II.

WeWork prepares to go public through SPAC merger after botched IPO

The office-leasing company halted initial plans for an IPO in 2019 after investors raised concerns over its business model and then-CEO Adam Neumann.

'Plenty of worry in the market,' but this chart suggests the bulls will prevail

Oppenheimer Asset Management's John Stoltzfus, a long-term bull, lists near-term risks that could dampen Wall Street's appetite for stocks.

Watch CNBC’s Sustainable Future Forum: Money & Investing

From full finance systems such as Carbon Trading, to specific and new asset classes like Green Bonds, the choice on where to put your cash has never been greater.

Book Bestsellers 2021

Strictly Come Dancing: Judi Love to miss this week's show with Covid-19

The Loose Women presenter will return next week, "all being well", a show spokesperson said.

Ruby Rose alleges unsafe working conditions on 'Batwoman' set

Ruby Rose says unsafe working conditions and a toxic culture on the CW series "Batwoman" led to their departure from the show in 2020.

'Insecure's' Yvonne Orji is going to miss Molly too

Yvonne Orji has some words of wisdom for the character she plays for the upcoming fifth and final season of "Insecure."

Cardi B and Penn Badgley are the Twitter friendship we didn't know we needed

What's the relationship status when you swap Twitter avis?

Cara Delevingne's father suggests she was named after in-flight magazine

Origin stories are a powerful part of celebrity culture that can help fans identify with the stars.

Ruby Rose: Warner Bros hits back at Batwoman claims

The actress claimed in her Instagram story that there were poor working conditions on the show.

Bill Turnbull: Classic FM presenter steps back from radio show for health reasons

The former BBC Breakfast host has said "the road has been a bit bumpy recently".


‘The Electrical Life of Louis Wain’ Review: The Cat’s Meow

Benedict Cumberbatch plays a British artist who found love, both human and feline, and became famous as the man who drew cats.

‘Thoughts of a Colored Man,’ From University to Broadway

The playwright Keenan Scott II, the director Steve H. Broadnax III and others discuss how “a timeless piece” for Black actors has evolved over 15 years.

‘Becoming Cousteau’ Review: The Old Man and the Sea

Liz Garbus’s new documentary is about the life of the French explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau and the fate of the oceans he loved.

Review: At the Philharmonic, Contemporary Is King for a Week

Music by Missy Mazzoli, Anthony Davis and John Adams was conducted by Dalia Stasevska, in her debut with the orchestra.

‘Ron’s Gone Wrong’ Review: Still Under Warranty

This animated feature, with Zach Galifianakis voicing a malfunctioning robot, sends up technology addiction with a decent amount of wit.

Art Institute of Chicago Ends a Docent Program, and Sets Off a Backlash

The museum’s decision to replace its program for volunteer educators with one that “responds to issues of class and income equity” has drawn criticism.

The Many Styles of Emma Amos, and Her Drive to Get Free

The artist, who died last year, used collage and fabric to break out of painting’s confines. Now her works are on view at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.


ALCS: Yordan Alvarez Is Healthy and Thriving for Astros

One of baseball’s feared hitters, the Houston Astros’ Yordan Alvarez grew up in Cuba believing he’d never need to learn English. His tape measure homers do his talking for him.

Magic Johnson, le business, la NBA, les Lakers et LeBron

Johnson prédit le nom des prochaines grandes équipes rivales au sein de la N.B.A, et évoque son seul regret du temps où il dirigeait les Los Angeles Lakers.

Kicks Beat Celtics in Opener in Double Overtime

A double-overtime thriller against the Boston Celtics in the season opener had 11 lead changes and 10 ties.

ALCS: Can the Red Sox Get Back on Track?

A pair of ugly losses in a row has Boston reeling. But as the A.L.C.S. shifts to Houston, the Red Sox are buoyed by the idea that they have overcome worse deficits in the past.

Tom Brady congratulates Aaron Rodgers for becoming 'shareholder of the Bears' after celebration...

Tom Brady congratulated Aaron Rodgers for becoming a "shareholder of the Bears" after the Green Bay Packers quarterback's celebration in which he could be heard saying he "owned" the Chicago team.


Tuskless Elephants Escape Poachers, but May Evolve New Problems

Scientists identified the genes that played a role in many female elephants of Mozambique’s Gorongosa National Park being born without tusks.

Parents, Will You Vaccinate Your Children for Covid?

Tell us whether you plan to have your children immunized and what factors led to your decision.

Climate Change Poses a Widening Threat to National Security

Intelligence and defense agencies issued reports warning that the warming planet will increase strife between countries and spur migration.

Fearsome Dinosaur That Stalked Australia Was a Timid Plant Eater

A new analysis of fossilized footprints corrects what earlier scientists mistook for a very early carnivore in the dinosaur era.

Orion: Nasa's Moon-ship is attached to SLS megarocket

Nasa's next-generation spaceship is attached to the rocket that will return people to the Moon.


Some top WarnerMedia execs never liked the name 'HBO Max' — the Discovery deal will give them a...

Several top WarnerMedia executives never liked the HBO Max name. Merging with Discovery will give the combined company a chance to change it.

NTSB finds driver seat was occupied in fatal Tesla crash in Spring, Texas

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) just issued new details in a high-profile Tesla fatal crash investigation.

Google to Lower Its App Store Fees for Developers to 15%

The move is a concession to regulators and lawmakers, who are challenging whether the company has overcharged developers.

Google slashes service fees in its app store after similar move by Apple

Google said in a press release that it would cut the service fee for subscriptions on its Google Play store from 30% to 15% from day one.

Why the Cable Company Is Selling TVs

It all comes down to having power over what Americans watch and how.