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5 things to know before the stock market opens Tuesday

U.S. stocks were sliding in Tuesday's premarket, indicating further September losses.

New 159 fraud hotline launched to counter threat

Potential victims who dial it will be automatically connected to their bank's fraud prevention service.

Brent oil jumps to nearly 3-year high above $80, up more than 50% for 2021

Oil prices are jumping as demand rebounds while supply remains limited. Soaring natural gas prices could mean a further demand boost for crude.

Cars on American roads keep getting older

The average age of vehicles on U.S. roads has been rising for decades as cars grow ever more durable — and expensive.

A Star-Studded Production

Creative Artists Agency’s purchase of rival ICM Partners is the largest consolidation of the talent agency industry in years.

Ford CEO Farley says automaker's stock has 'tremendous upside' even after doubling in his first year

Shares of Ford jumped by about 4% in premarket trading Tuesday after a 113% surge since Jim Farley took over the helm of the automaker as CEO on Oct. 1.

Oil prices near a three-year high as an energy crunch looms.

Analysts say soaring natural gas prices are helping push oil futures higher, as Brent crude topped $80 a barrel.

Oil Prices Near a Three-Year High as an Energy Crunch Looms

Analysts say soaring natural gas prices are helping push oil futures higher, as Brent crude topped $80 a barrel.

How much poorer would the rich need to be to provide a basic minimum income for everyone?

The long-running series in which readers answer other readers’ questions on subjects ranging from trivial flights of fancy to profound scientific and philosophical concepts

How much poorer would the rich need to be to provide a basic minimum income for everyone? Robin Devany

Post your answers (and new questions) below or send them to A selection will be published on Sunday.

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Kind founder, former executives launch Somos, a Mexican food brand built on authenticity

Somos' founders have joked about the differences between the food that they grew up with in Mexico and what's defined as Mexican food in the United States.

Yellen and Powell warn that the Delta variant is slowing the recovery.

The Treasury secretary and the Federal Reserve chair prepared remarks ahead of their testimony today to the Senate Banking Committee.

How Covid Misinformation Created a Run on Animal Medicine

Veterinarians, ranchers and farmers say they are struggling with the effects of the surging demand for ivermectin, a deworming drug.

Facebook Groups Promoting Ivermectin as a Covid-19 Treatment Flourish

In some of the groups, members are given advice on how to evade the company’s rules on misinformation.

Unvaccinated Americans say the need for booster shots proves Covid vaccines don't work, Kaiser...

A Kaiser Family Foundation survey shows that 71% percent of unvaccinated respondents said boosters are a sign that vaccines are not working.

Outlook bleak for drivers as petrol prices surge, says RAC

Pump prices have reached an eight-year high, the motoring body says, amid the current fuel crisis.

Southeastern: Government takes over services after 'serious breach'

The government says it will consider options for more action, including financial penalties.

Al Gore's firm buys £483m stake in Octopus Energy Group

Al Gore's Generation Investment Management buys a 13% stake in UK firm Octopus Energy Group.

Goldman Sachs cuts China growth forecast over power outages

The country has seen electricity shortages that have left some factories and homes without power.

SoCal Gas Settles Claims From Aviso Canyon Gas Leak

The natural gas leak, in 2015, forced thousands of people from their homes in an area of Los Angeles.

Ford announces $11.4bn investment in electric vehicle plants

The US carmaker vows to "lead America's shift to electric vehicles" with largest ever factory.

Activision to pay $18 million settlement over workplace misconduct.

The complaint by a federal agency followed several other legal actions taken against the game maker, which has been accused of sexual harassment and discrimination.

Green investing: How your savings can fight climate change

Campaigners say you should see your money as a secret superpower that can help save the planet

CDC director on Covid booster shots: ‘I am not at all concerned about supply’

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky addresses U.S. booster shot supply and a vaccine for children between the ages of 5 and 11.

Taliban: Afghanistan bank boss warns sector near collapse

The head of one of Afghanistan's biggest banks says the country's financial sector is near collapse.

Homeworking helps careers, say majority of women

Just over half of women think working from home will help advance their careers, says a survey for the BBC.

Ford Will Build 4 Factories in a Big Electric Vehicle Push

The automaker and a supplier will spend $11.4 billion on three battery factories and a truck plant, creating 11,000 jobs.

With Best Buy a ‘top idea’ at Piper Sandler, two traders share their three favorite retailers

Piper Sandler is betting big on Best Buy. But, it’s not the only retailer catching Wall Street’s eye.

The U.S. Debt Ceiling: Everything You Need to Know

Political polarization turned a tool for fiscal responsibility into a recipe for economic calamity.

Fuel supply: Army put on standby to ease pressure on petrol stations

Military drivers are being trained so they are ready to be deployed if necessary, the government says.

Kaplan and Rosengren, Fed Presidents Under Fire for Trades, Will Step Down

Robert S. Kaplan will exit his role as head of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas next month. Eric S. Rosengren, the head of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, is also retiring earlier than planned.