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The Separate Worlds of Bill and Melinda Gates

They built an empire that was essential in the pandemic. Now, their impending divorce makes personal a shift that confidants say was well underway in their philanthropic roles.

7 Steps to Take Now to Catch Up on Retirement Savings

Even if your finances weren’t devastated by the pandemic recession, many Americans have not yet started saving. Here’s what you can do.

Cost of building work on UK homes to rise as price of materials soars

Booming housing market as ‘incredible demand’ fuels shortage of essentials from concrete and timber to taps and roof tiles

UK homeowners face higher bills for renovation work as builders grapple with soaring material costs and shortages of essentials ranging from concrete and timber to taps and roof tiles in a booming housing market.

“It is a bit like going to Sainsbury’s and them not having any bread, milk or eggs in,” said Paul Bence, the managing director of builders merchants Bence, of the runaway demand for supplies that is emptying shelves. “Cement is our bread and butter and we would normally keep a good 10 days stock. We would not operate a ‘just-in-time’ model … but that’s effectively where we are right now.”

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Seeing the Real Faces of Silicon Valley

For many midlevel engineers and food truck workers and longtime residents, a region filled with extremes has become increasingly inhospitable.

Don't overreact to a stock's post-earnings decline because the market can be wrong, Cramer says

CNBC's Jim Cramer explains why investors should focus on doing their own homework after earnings reports before selling a stock.

Biden and Republicans Spar Over Unemployment as Job Gains Disappoint

The president said he saw no measurable evidence that a $300 federal boost in unemployment benefits was hurting the labor market, amid criticism from conservatives and business groups

Epic Games trial reveals Apple negotiations with Netflix, Facebook, and Microsoft

As part of Epic's argument that Apple's App Store is anti-competitive, the trial has revealed internal Apple deliberations on negotiations with top partners.

Automaker Stellantis expects employees to work remote most of the time under new plan

When employees of Fiat Chrysler, now Stellantis, return to offices they'll do so with a new company and a more flexible work schedule.

Covid cases are falling in 30 states with a third of Americans fully vaccinated

The rate of daily Covid infections is declining in 30 states and the District of Columbia and one-in-three Americans are now fully vaccinated.

There are more reasons this year to check your homeowners insurance ahead of severe summer weather

As weather-related events become more severe and costly, it's important to make sure you have sufficient coverage if your home gets damaged or destroyed.

Covid: Travel firms reject 'overly cautious' green list

The UK will be 'left behind' if other countries open up travel more quickly, the industry says.

WHO chief urges world to follow U.S. lead and support waiving Covid vaccine patent protections

WHO chief says he urges other countries to follow the example of the U.S. on supporting vaccine patent waivers.

Why demand is surging beyond the U.S. in the multibillion-dollar armed drone market

Companies in China, Turkey and Russia are increasingly producing armed drones, remotely piloted aircraft that can use guided weapons on and off the battlefield.

Insurers brace for lawsuits as workers return to the office. Employers should avoid these pitfalls

As businesses reopen offices, big insurers are bracing for an onslaught of claims related to employment and labor lawsuits.

The Dead Moose in the Office Next Door

Sometimes you do have to draw boundaries, and sometimes you have to learn to live with other people’s predilections.

Are You Looking for Work or Workers? We’d Like to Hear From You.

Everyone’s story is personal. What is yours?

Washingtonian Staff Refuses to Publish to Protest C.E.O.'s Article

Cathy Merrill of Washington Media wrote in The Washington Post that people who wanted to work from home lose status as full-time workers.

China’s Vaccine Diplomacy Just Got a Big Win. But Can the Country Deliver?

The World Health Organization has approved a Chinese vaccine for emergency use. The announcement comes at a time when officials in the country are warning of a domestic shortage.

Southwest plans to start hiring flight attendants again as travel rebounds

Southwest is the latest airline to announce plans to resume hiring as travel demand returns.

White House sticks to its economic strategy as jobs report disappoints.

Administration officials say there is no evidence that hiring has been slowed by the extra $300 per week that unemployed Americans are eligible to receive.

Weak Jobs Report Could Help Fed Argue for Low Rates

Officials have said that they want to see real, not just forecast, progress toward full employment and stable inflation.

CDC official who issued early warnings about the threat of Covid will resign, reports say

Messonnier's stark warnings contrasted sharply with then-President Donald Trump's messaging at the same time.

Labor secretary says pandemic is still weighing on economy but confidence is coming back

Marty Walsh, the Secretary of Labor, said after April's disappointing jobs report that in normal circumstances 266,000 jobs "is a good number."

The Stock Market Loves Biden More Than Trump. So Far, at Least.

Stocks have soared under the new president, and the Dow has generally preferred Democrats since 1901. But don’t count on that for the future.

AMC CEO Adam Aron raved about its new investors who are at odds with Wall Street

AMC's new investors are rallying around the stock, but Wall Street is far more bearish on the company's performance.

The Jobs Report: The Boom That Wasn’t

April’s anemic job creation was so out of line with what other indicators have suggested that it will take some time to unravel the mystery.

Furlough: Pair arrested over £3.4m job scheme fraud

Officials freeze more than £6m held in bank accounts controlled by the man and woman from Bradford.

Confidence in the safety of the J&J vaccine is low following U.S. pause, Kaiser survey shows

Just 46% of respondents said they were at least somewhat confident in the J&J shot, compared with 69% who said the same for Pfizer and Moderna's vaccines.

US economy picks up just 266,000 April jobs as hiring slows sharply

  • Numbers far short of the 1m jobs Wall Street had anticipated
  • Suggests US businesses struggling to find enough workers

The US economy added just 266,000 jobs last month, sharply lower than in March and a sign that some businesses are struggling to find enough workers as the economic recovery strengthens.

The result was a lot weaker than expected – far shy of the Wall Street consensus of nearly one million new jobs.

#NFP growth for April comes in at disappointing +266K
The unemployment rate was UP to 6.1 %
Now we go look under the hood and see what happened on a sectoral basis.
Also, watch here and @jobqualityindex in about 15 minutes for the #JQInstant.

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Peloton shares rise as treadmill recall impact not as bad as feared

Peloton shares climbed about 6% Friday as investors realized the financial hit from the company's treadmill recall isn't as bad as some had feared.