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Kent rebranded 'toilet of England' by anti-Brexit protesters

Activists deface dozens of road signs on county border referencing fears of insanitary gridlock

Road signs at the Kent border welcoming drivers to the “Garden of England” have been defaced by anti-Brexit protesters to label the county the “Toilet of England”.

A group called EU Flag Mafia said they had used “scissors and stickers” to transform dozens of signs at 27 entry roads across the 90-mile county border.

Apologies for delays, we are currently managing the approach to the Channel Tunnel on the M20 from Jct 11. Rolling roads are implemented for yours and our colleagues safety. Thank you for your patience #Apologies DS

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U.S. stock futures rise as Wall Street heads for winning week and a historic month

U.S. stock futures rose on Friday morning as traders wrapped up a record-setting week.

Stocks making the biggest moves in the premarket: AstraZeneca, Disney, Pfizer, Amazon & more

The stocks making the biggest moves in premarket trading include AstraZeneca, Disney, Pfizer, Amazon, and more.

Paris police filmed beating music producer in studio

Footage shows victim, who was later released without charge, being punched, kicked and hit with truncheon

Three French police officers have been suspended after they were filmed beating and allegedly racially abusing a music producer in his Paris studio.

An official inquiry has been opened – the third such investigation in a week – into the officers’ behaviour. The latest incident comes after MPs in the French parliament voted to approve a new law increasing police powers.

DOCUMENT: la séquence intégrale des 13 minutes de l'agression policière contre un producteur de musique parisien. Attention: images difficiles de violences et d'insultes racistes.

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Austrians and Swiss go off-piste in Christmas skiing Covid row

Germany, Italy and France in favour of resorts closures amid third-wave Covid fears

Governments are at odds over a Europe-wide plan to bar ski holidays over Christmas and New Year, with Germany, Italy and France in favour but Austria and Switzerland reluctant to damage a sector worth millions to their economies.

The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, joined Italy’s prime minister Giuseppe Conte, and the French president, Emmanuel Macron, on Thursday in calling for a Europe-wide wintersports shutdown until 10 January to avert a fresh coronavirus wave.

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Four more students charged in France over Samuel Paty's beheading

Three pupils charged for allegedly pointing out middle-school teacher to his murderer

Four teenage students have been charged in France over the killing of Samuel Paty, including three for allegedly pointing out the teacher to his murderer, a source said.

Three other pupils were charged with complicity earlier this month over the beheading last month of Paty, who had shown his students cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad as part of a lesson on free speech.

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14 million workers face losing unemployment benefits at the end December

Millions of workers will lose their unemployment benefits at the end of December unless Congress passes legislation.

Police investigated over alleged violence at Paris migrant camp

Video footage of two officers at break-up at ad hoc camp in Place de la République shocks interior minister

Two police officers are being investigated for alleged violent behaviour during an operation to break up a protest migrant camp in Paris.

The public prosecutor’s office announced it had ordered inquiries into two specific complaints against officers despatched to remove a group of mainly Afghan migrants from Place de la République in the centre of Paris on Monday evening.

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Goldman Sachs bankers are using flying drones to help clinch billion-dollar M&A deals

The pandemic has forced change onto what had been one of the most old-school, technologically-resistant corners of Wall Street: investment banking.

Stocks making the biggest moves in the premarket: Gap, Nordstrom, Deere, HP Inc. & more

The stocks making the biggest moves in premarket trading include Gap, Nordstrom, Deere, HP Inc., and more.

Sacre bleu! France as you've never seen her before

They set out to capture the forgotten France, the everyday architecture of emptied towns and overlooked villages – before their uniqueness is lost for ever. Eric Tabuchi and Nelly Monnier talk us through their vast photographic atlas

From the industrial north to the sun-baked south, Eric Tabuchi has spent two decades scouring the landscape of France with an obsessive eye. In 2008, the Danish-Japanese-French photographer created a beguiling series called Alphabet Truck by sneaking up on 26 different articulated lorries on the move and photographing the single giant letter adorning each one’s rear, from A to Z. In 2017, he made Atlas of Forms, a 256-page guide to all the shapes, from pyramid to polygon, the world’s buildings are based on. And in 2017, he joined forces with the painter Nelly Monnier, also his partner, to create the Atlas des Régions Naturelles.

This sprawling, unwieldy multipart portrait of a nation takes as its foundation the 500-odd régions naturelles, or non-administrative areas (a bit like British counties) into which mainland France is divided. Monnier and Tabuchi are slowly making their way around the country, arriving in each area with a minimum of preconceptions. First impressions are key, the idea being to shoot a few characteristic landscapes, then to work their way up through the area’s vernacular architecture, with everything dictated by local conditions.

The pair received a detailed message from a boy who had found the spot where he had first kissed a girl

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Market’s record run is far from the finish line, Oppenheimer’s chief strategist predicts

Oppenheimer Asset Management's John Stoltzfus believes the Dow's record move above 30,000 is justified despite the surge in coronavirus cases.

U.S. stock futures rise slightly after record day on Wall Street

U.S. stock futures rose slightly on Tuesday night following a banner day for three of the for major market benchmarks.

Trial of Brexit border checks causes five-mile lorry queues in Kent

M20 backlog caused by French authorities testing post-Brexit checks at the Eurotunnel

Queues of trucks stretching for five miles unexpectedly built up in Kent on Tuesday after the French started a trial of post-Brexit checks in Calais.

Lorries on their way across the English channel were forced to stop in long lines up to junction 11 on the M20 as they tried to approach the Eurotunnel entrance just outside Folkestone.

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Govt reveal plan ship portaloos down Kent motorway.
"If we get to a position where traffic there is static for a prolonged period as a reactive protocol in place with highways England..whereby portaloos could at that point be deployed to the carriageway" - dept of transport

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JPMorgan Chase pays $250 million penalty over weak controls in its wealth management division

It was the second time in two months that the bank agreed to pay a massive settlement to U.S. regulators over how it conducts business.

France to ease Covid lockdown with Europe wary of festive surge

Macron to relax restrictions but Germany and Spain look to limit Christmas gatherings

France is to announce a controlled easing of its nationwide lockdown and Germany and Spain have set strict limits on Christmas and new year gatherings as European governments act to prevent Covid cases multiplying over the holiday period.

Germany’s 16 federal states are likely to approve gatherings of a maximum of 10 people during the festive season, according to a draft proposal due to be discussed on Wednesday by state premiers and the country’s chancellor, Angela Merkel.

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Square and PayPal may be the new whales in the crypto market as clients flock to buy bitcoin

Fintech companies are helping fuel demand for bitcoin as they open the floodgates for millions of people to trade it.

Stocks making the biggest moves in the premarket: Best Buy, Hormel, Abercrombie & Fitch & more

The stocks making the biggest moves in premarket trading include Best Buy, Hormel, Abercrombie & Fitch, and more.

Clashes erupt as police break up makeshift refugee camp in Paris – video report

French police and gendarmes removed tents set up at Place de la République in Paris by refugees in a charity-organised protest on Monday against mass evacuations of homeless camps. Footage posted online showed police and demonstrators pushing against each other as officers moved in to clear the square of tents, which the police said had been set up without official permission. The interior minister, Gerald Darmanin, said on Tuesday that images of the scuffles were ‘shocking’ and he was launching an investigation into the clashes

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French minister calls images of police breaking up refugee camp 'shocking'

Police officers filmed tipping migrants out of tents and throwing them to ground

France’s interior minister has described images of police breaking up a refugee camp in central Paris, chasing people down streets and attacking journalists and others with truncheons and teargas as “shocking”.

Gérald Darmanin said he had demanded a report on the police operation to be on his desk by lunchtime on Tuesday.

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'No. 1' thing preventing a dollar comeback is the virus surge, currency strategist says

Brown Brothers Harriman's Win Thin sees a weakening dollar through early next year.

Stock futures flat in overnight trading as holiday-shortened week continues

Stocks kicked off the Thanksgiving week on a high note on Monday as investors piled into reopening trades amid vaccine optimism.

Yes, you can get unemployment benefits if you're laid off again. Here's what you need know

State and local officials are imposing new business restrictions. Workers who are laid off again may be able to collect unemployment benefits.

Nicolas Sarkozy in court in Paris to face 'bugging affair' charges

Ex-French president accused of corruption and influence peddling for allegedly trying to bribe a judge

Nicolas Sarkozy has become France’s first former president to appear in the dock as he went on trial accused of corruption and influence peddling for allegedly trying to bribe a judge for information.

The former leader was called under his full name, Mr Sarkozy de Nagy-Bocsa. He responded that “Sarkozy was enough”. Reminded that the legal record demanded his full name, he added: “For the moment I don’t need to use it.”

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Man fined for breaking French Covid lockdown to 'smash a guy's face in'

Police say 39-year-old had filled in a form stating he had a legitimate reason to leave home

French police have fined a man who left his home with a written lockdown declaration stating he was out to “smash a guy’s face in”.

The man, who has not been named, had reportedly correctly filled in the legally-required declaration, known as an “attestation”, with his name, address and time he left his home in Lanion, Brittany.

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Stocks making the biggest moves in the premarket: Merck, Korn Ferry, Regeneron & more

The stocks making the biggest moves in premarket trading include Merck, Korn Ferry, Regeneron, and more.

Daniel Cordier obituary

French resistance fighter during the second world war who went on to become a successful art dealer in Paris

The course of Daniel Cordier’s life changed for ever a few weeks before his 22nd birthday. Parachuted into France in July 1942, he had been sent by the Gaullist Free French in London to act as a radio operative.

Cordier, who has died aged 100, was also instructed to take some papers to Jean Moulin, Charles de Gaulle’s representative to the French resistance, in Lyon, which was then the organisational centre of the resistance. Having taken the documents to Moulin on 30 July, Cordier was startled to be invited to dine with him that evening. The next day, Moulin appointed Cordier as his secretary.

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Dow futures fall slightly to kick off week amid rising coronavirus cases

U.S. stock index futures were mostly weak to kick off a shortened trading week.

Economically sensitive stocks are ‘spring-loaded’ for gains despite slowdown jitters, top...

Bryn Mawr’s Jeff Mills sees investment opportunities despite trouble tied to the coronavirus lockdowns.

How Samuel Paty's murder reignited France's free speech debate

The beheading of a schoolteacher who had shown his class cartoons of the prophet Muhammad during a lesson on free speech has rekindled a debate in France about secularism and the state’s role in regulating free expression

The murder of the schoolteacher Samuel Paty has rekindled a long-running debate in France about secularism, free expression and the role of the state. Paty had shown his class two of the cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad that were originally published by the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Ten days later, after an online campaign against him, he was killed by Abdullakh Anzorov, an 18-year-old of Chechen origin.

The Guardian’s Europe correspondent, Jon Henley, tells Rachel Humphreys that the response to the killing by President Emmanuel Macron was swift and incendiary. His defence of laïcité, French secularism, is now a defining principle of the republic. But Macron’s response has led to furious protests across the Muslim world.

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