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Twitter wants your feedback on its deepfake policy plans

Social media platform Twitter on Monday unveiled its plan for handling deepfake videos and other manipulated media, and called for feedback from the public.

Italy’s Mediaset hikes stake in ProSieben in pan-Europe TV drive

Italy's top commercial broadcaster Mediaset has raised its stake in German rival ProSiebensat.1 to 15.1% as it presses ahead with plans to create a pan-European TV platform to tackle slow growth and stiffer competition.

Venezuelan foreign ministry temporarily loses access to Twitter account

Venezuela's foreign ministry temporarily lost access to its account with social media service Twitter Inc over the weekend, a spokeswoman said on Monday.

Apple throws Instagram 'stalker' app off store

Like Patrol had offered users a way to see which posts their "friends liked" and whom they followed.

UK reaches 10% full-fibre milestone

The technology lets people browse the web at connection speeds of hundreds of megabits per second.

Uber's Kalanick sells 21% of his stake after share lockup expires

Uber Technologies Inc co-founder and former chief executive Travis Kalanick has sold nearly 21% of his stake in the ride-hailing company following the expiry of a so-called lockup period, a regulatory filing from late Friday showed.

Dutch court orders Facebook to pull financial fraud adverts

A Dutch court has ordered Facebook to remove advertisements that misuse the likeness of a local celebrity to promote fraudulent Bitcoin-related investments.

Instagram influencer behind 'bullying' anonymous account

Clemmie Hooper apologises for using a different social-media platform to criticise fellow influencers.

Canada's Open Text to buy cloud security firm Carbonite for $800 million

Canada's Open Text Corp will buy cloud security company Carbonite Inc for nearly $800 million in cash, the companies said on Monday.

Play store apps to be scanned for malware

Apps that try to trick people into handing over cash or which lock up phones could be caught by the scanners.

Russia's VTB sells stake in Bulgaria's Vivacom telecoms operator

Russia's VTB said on Monday that VTB Capital, its investment unit, had sold its entire stake in Bulgaria's leading telecoms operator, Vivacom, to United Group, a telecoms and media company.

Carbonite to be bought by Canada's OpenText in $1.42 billion deal

Cloud-security company Carbonite Inc said on Monday it would be bought by OpenText , a Canadian business information management software company, in a deal valued at about $1.42 billion.

German mobile operators team up to plug network holes

Telefonica Deutschland said on Monday it would team up with competitors Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone to build 6,000 new mobile masts in Germany, as part of a joint push to close gaps in network coverage.

There Sure Are a Lot of People in China Buying Stuff Online Today

The Singles Day retail bonanza shows that the world still wants to come to China, at least when giant buckets of money are involved.

Egyptian transport start-up targets Philippines, Bangladesh after Pakistan launch

Swvl, an Egyptian startup with an app to book bus tickets, plans to launch operations in the Philippines, Indonesia and Bangladesh by the end of next year, a senior official said.

Close Election in Kentucky Was Ripe for Twitter, and an Omen for 2020

As hyperpartisan activists, trolls and bots spread unfounded claims of voter fraud, a contested governor’s race is a preview of what many fear for the presidential election.

Chinese smash European hopes of 'Legends' video game glory

Chinese video gamers crushed a team from Europe on Sunday who were hoping to break the domination of Asian players in the world championship finals of online game "League of Legends".

Building a World Where Data Privacy Exists Online

Dawn Song, an expert in computer security and trustworthy artificial intelligence, is working on making that vision a reality.

Want to run faster? Improve your algorithm

Why better information about your gait could help runners hit a new personal best.

Spyware Maker NSO Promises Reform but Keeps Snooping

Recent revelations in India show that the threat from the company’s spyware to activists and journalists isn’t limited to autocratic regimes.

Urchinbot could help ocean clean-up and other tech news

BBC Click's Lara Lewington looks at some of the week's best technology stories.

What do you need to do to become a YouTube star?

Two Sunday League footballers and rising internet stars find out from YouTube royalty.

Existing U.S. antitrust laws can address tech monopolies, DOJ antitrust chief says

The U.S. Justice Department antitrust chief said on Friday that existent U.S. antitrust laws are "flexible enough" to address harm caused by technology companies, in the face of growing criticism that such laws cannot tackle tech monopolies.

Facebook bars content claiming to name Trump impeachment whistleblower

Facebook Inc. is taking down any content that claims to name the anonymous whistleblower who ignited an impeachment inquiry into U.S. President Donald Trump, the social network said on Friday.

Telecom Italia to expand data center business under Google deal

Telecom Italia (TIM) plans to spin off its data center operations and look for an investor ahead of a potential market listing, it said on Friday, after announcing a partnership with Google to develop its cloud business.

App-based shopping grows in Angola

App-based shopping is growing in Angola's capital Luanda, say the bosses of delivery firm Tupuca.

How Virtual Reality is Augmenting Realty

From the design and construction of skyscrapers to picking the right sofa, virtual reality is infiltrating real estate in new ways.

Brain implants used to fight drug addiction in US

Four addicts will have brains "hacked" to control their addictions in the first trial of its kind in the US.

The Week in Tech: TikTok Is in Trouble

The video app has been a runaway success around the world. But U.S. lawmakers have recently taken a strong disliking to it.

Kenya passes data protection law crucial for tech investments

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday approved a data protection law which complies with European Union legal standards as it looks to bolster investment in its information technology sector.