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Activision settles $18m workplace discrimination case

The gaming giant settles one of several legal cases involving sexual harassment and discrimination.

Microsoft says failed TikTok acquisition was 'strangest thing'

Satya Nadella reveals details about the Microsoft TikTok deal that never was.

New World Is Amazon's Biggest Video Game Hope Yet

The tech giant has struggled to produce popular games, but a much-delayed title released this week could be the first step in a turnaround.

Broadband switching to be made faster and easier under new rules

Switching from one tech to another will no longer require long phone calls to several companies.

Genshin Impact anniversary: 'Unheard of for a game like this to be so successful'

The Chinese game made a $1 billion in it's first six months from microtransactions.

Robot squash coach could aid player’s performance

With the aid of sensors in the player’s racket, the humanoid gives feedback during training.

How My Phone’s Most Annoying Feature Saved My Life

Voice mail messages from my family allowed me to slowly climb out of a state of gloom and self-imposed isolation.

Chinese automaker Geely launches a high-end smartphone business

Geely is entering a cut-throat market and could face off against the likes of Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi in the premium smartphone category.

Alibaba apps are starting to support Tencent's WeChat Pay. Here's why it's a big deal

For years, China's internet platforms have operated as walled gardens. Chinese regulators are forcing giants like Alibaba and Tencent to change their practices.

AMD CEO Lisa Su says chip shortage likely to end next year

Manufacturing plants that were planned last year will likely start producing chips in the coming months, helping to alleviate shortages for PC parts.

The race to replace persistent chemicals in our homes

Why widely-used PFAS coatings found on objects like frying pans and raincoats are in the spotlight.

Apple's software update lets users create burner email addresses — here's how to do it

One of the handiest new features is the ability to create a temporary email address called "Hide My Mail."

Instagram for kids paused after backlash

Facebook delays its child-friendly Instagram version to do more work with concerned parents.

Microsoft launches new phone features for Teams in latest challenge to Zoom

Microsoft is enhancing its Teams Phone service with a walkie-talkie feature, which Zoom Phone doesn't have.

TikTok says 1 billion people use the app each month

The company reported nearly 700 million monthly active global users last summer.

Facebook says it's pausing effort to build Instagram for kids

Facebook announced Monday morning it's pausing its work on Instagram for kids, after the company faced a slew of backlash from users and lawmakers.

Mr Goxx, the crypto-trading hamster beating human investors

Can a hamster trading cryptocurrency beat human investors in the stock market? Mr Goxx can.

Elon Musk praises China, says Tesla will continue to expand investments there

It's the second time this month Musk was highly complimentary of the nation that's imperative to his electric vehicle company, saying it's a "global leader digitalization."

Google is slashing the amount it keeps from sales on its cloud marketplace as pressure mounts on...

Google is matching Microsoft's revenue share for software that companies buy on cloud marketplaces. The move could help Google win more cloud usage over time.

Tesla drivers can now request Full Self-Driving Beta with the press of a button, despite safety concerns

Tesla rolls out 'FSD Beta button' after NTSB Chair Jennifer Homendy voiced safety concerns

Toast built a $30 billion business by defying Silicon Valley and surviving a 'suicide mission'

Toast pushed aside the Silicon Valley playbook to build a restaurant-tech business that debuted on the NYSE this week and is valued at close to $30 billion.

Ex-Theranos lab director testified that company cared more about 'fundraising than patient care'

Adam Rosendorff, a former Theranos employee, testified on Friday that he quit the blood-testing start-up after initially thinking it would be the next Apple.

Google's provider of at-home Covid-19 tests is now a $3 billion company traded on Nasdaq

Cue Health has grown rapidly by selling Covid-19 tests to customers like Google, a partnership that it's now expanding

China and Hong Kong-based bitcoin holders scrambling to protect their crypto assets

Some crypto holders in China and Hong Kong are scrambling to safeguard their crypto assets, according to an attorney who works with overseas crypto clients.

Apple’s power move to kneecap Facebook advertising is working

Apple's anti-tracking initiative is harming Facebook's ad effectiveness and its bottom line, CNBC contributor Alex Kantrowitz says in an op-ed.

Facebook Files: 5 things leaked documents reveal

Leaked documents appear to present a new problem for Facebook - employee discontent.

Nine former DOJ antitrust chiefs urge Senate to confirm Jonathan Kanter as antitrust head

The signatories include at least one representative from every administration since President Gerald Ford.

Amazon reportedly developing a wall-mounted Echo, sound bar, updated car technology

The report comes as Amazon is set to announce new devices at a hardware event Sept. 28.

The self-sustaining house on wheels and other news

BBC Click's LJ Rich looks at the best of the week's technology news stories.

Op-ed: Apple’s power move to kneecap Facebook advertising is working

Apple's anti-tracking initiative is harming Facebook's ad effectiveness and its bottom line, CNBC contributor Alex Kantrowitz says in an op-ed.