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What is Tencent?

The Chinese firm's investments include Fortnite, Tesla and Universal Music - but it's under fire in the US.

Trump Swings Against TikTok, WeChat

President Trump signed executive orders against two popular China-based apps. Let me try to explain.

The worst appears to be past for the TV advertising market

The worst appears to be in the past for the TV advertising market, but a comeback from the effects of Covid-19 will likely be gradual.

Atlassian tells employees they can work from home indefinitely

Atlassian is going further than Facebook and Google in giving its employees flexibility. The shift away from offices could also help with hiring.

Facebook removes QAnon conspiracy group with 200,000 members

Facebook has joined Twitter and TikTok in taking action against QAnon conspiracy-theory content.

Apple defends Xbox streaming block on iPhones

Apple is denying consumers cloud gaming, says Microsoft, as streaming service is blocked on iPhones.

Trump Targets WeChat and TikTok, in Sharp Escalation With China

The government cited national security concerns in announcing sweeping restrictions on two popular Chinese social media networks, a move that is likely to be met with retaliation.

The coldest computers in the world

New computers promise to cruise through old problems, but involve mind-boggling low temperatures.

Tech hiring remains muted ahead of the latest jobs report

Hiring in tech remains muted, sending another distressing signal ahead of Friday's critical jobs report. As of late July, tech job postings were down 36% compared to the same time last year, according to recent data from the online platform Indeed.

E-skin recreates sense of touch and other tech news

BBC Click’s LJ Rich looks at some of the best technology news stories of the week.

Facebook will allow employees to work remotely until July 2021

Facebook will allow its employees to continue to work from home until July 2021, the company told CNBC on Thursday.

Sen. Sanders proposes one-time tax that would cost Bezos $42.8 billion, Musk $27.5 billion

The "Make Billionaires Pay Act" would impose a one-time 60% tax on wealth gains made by billionaires during the pandemic to fund healthcare.

Why Influencers Won’t Stop Partying Anytime Soon

Creators in Los Angeles say that hosting and posting about big social gatherings is part of their job, coronavirus or no.

Chat Group Becomes Target of Moscow’s Wrath as Security Crackdown Widens

The group started out as an online discussion of hobbies, schoolwork and sometimes politics. But then it was infiltrated by an informant for Russia’s all-powerful security services.

Facebook removes troll farm posing as African-American support for Donald Trump

Facebook also removed thousands of fake accounts linked to conservative media outlet The Epoch Times, NBC News reported.

Facebook rallies more than 5% following launch of its TikTok competitor

Shares of Facebook stock were up more than 5% on Thursday following the U.S. launch of Reels, a new Instagram feature designed to rival Chinese upstart TikTok.

Coronavirus: England's contact-tracing app readies for launch

The app will use QR barcode scans as well as Bluetooth handshakes to determine if users are at risk.

Fifa 21: 'Toxic behaviour' cut from goal celebrations

Players will no longer be able to use the "shushing" goal celebration to gloat and stall games.

The Cult of the Tech Genius

It’s time to rethink how we treat and enable these brilliant — but damaging — tech personalities.

Twitter to label state-controlled news accounts

The social network will stop affected accounts being promoted by its recommendation algorithms.

The new 27-inch iMac is awesome and has everything you need if you're working from home

Apple bumped up a bunch of the hardware inside its new 27-inch iMac, but also focused on some important things for people and families who are stuck working at home during quarantine.

New York proposes antitrust bill that would make it easier to sue big tech

New York is proposing an amendment to current antitrust laws, where the state currently cannot take action unless two companies conspire to stifle competition.

ARM: Tudor Brown says chip-maker should remain independent

The UK-based chip designer's ex-president Tudor Brown warns of the risks of the firm being sold on.

Uber to expand across UK with Autocab takeover

The move will see Uber made available in about 170 towns and cities.

We read hundreds of pages of emails that Congress collected from the biggest tech companies in...

The internal emails from Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google reveal a rare look into how the giants approached acquisitions and other competitive issues over the years.

TikTok reliance causes plunge in Fastly shares after massive Covid-era rally

Fastly reported better-than-expected quarterly results Wednesday afternoon, but the stock is plunging on concern the company is overly reliant on China's TikTok.

What's new in Fifa 21?

A new trailer for Fifa 21 reveals new gameplay features. Newsround takes a look at them.

Facebook Removes Trump Campaign’s Misleading Coronavirus Video

It was the first time Facebook took down a post by Mr. Trump’s campaign for spreading virus misinformation, but it did not signal a change to the company’s defense of free expression.

How Livongo and Teladoc closed an $18.5 billion deal during a pandemic

Telemedicine companies Livongo and Teladoc relied on lot of Zoom calls and one socially distanced meeting in Detroit, Michigan.

TikTok to open $500m data centre in Ireland

The firm says the move represents its "long-term commitment to Europe".